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Metal Samples offers a large variety of coupon holders to fit most standard applications. Additionally, we can design and manufacture custom holders to meet special requirements. Please contact your Metal Samples sales representative if you do not see what you are looking for.

Fixed (Pipe Plug) Coupon Holders

Pipe plug coupon holders are the most common and most economical type. They are simple to install, and can be made from a variety of materials. These coupon holders are typically used with bypass systems, but can also be threaded directly into process piping.

Select Pipe Plug Coupon Holders for Flat/Strip Coupons, or for Cylindrical Coupons for more information and ordering details.


P/N Plug Size 3" (Std.)
Used with
Coupon P/N
RC12E*100036 3/4" NPT Nylon CO102, CO117
RC13E*100036 1" NPT Nylon CO102, CO117
RC12Q*100037 3/4" NPT Teflon® CO102, CO117
RC13Q*100037 1" NPT Teflon® CO102, CO117
RC12E*010036 3/4" NPT Nylon CO100, CO103, CO115
RC13E*010036 1" NPT Nylon CO100, CO103, CO115
RC12Q*010037 3/4" NPT Teflon® CO100, CO103, CO115
RC13Q*010037 1" NPT Teflon® CO100, CO103, CO115
RC12E*030036 3/4" NPT Nylon CO118, CO120
RC13E*030036 1" NPT Nylon CO118, CO120
RC12Q*030037 3/4" NPT Teflon® CO118, CO120
RC13Q*030037 1" NPT Teflon® CO118, CO120
RC12E*090036 3/4" NPT Nylon CO105, CO106
RC13E*090036 1" NPT Nylon CO105, CO106
RC12Q*090037 3/4" NPT Teflon® CO105, CO106
RC13Q*090037 1" NPT Teflon® CO105, CO106
RC11E*010036 1/2" NPT Nylon CO100, CO103, CO115

Nylon stems include Nylon nut and bolt.
Teflon® stems include stainless steel nut and bolt with Teflon® insulators.
* Add "3" to part number for Carbon Steel or "C" for PVC plug.
(Example: Carbon Steel 3/4" pipe plug Nylon stem = RC12E3100036.)

Pipe Plug Assemblies for Cylindrical Coupons

P/N Carbon Steel Plug Insert # of Coupons
PA2080709413 2" NPT Nylon 8
PA2080783413 2" NPT Teflon® 8
RC11E3040000 1/2" NPT Nylon 1
RC12E3040000 3/4" NPT Nylon 1
RC13E3040000 1" NPT Nylon 1


All of these holders are used with ES2 series coupons

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