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In the eighteenth & nineteenth century our company was already making manufacturing measuring instruments, and had the good fortune to count scientific pioneers such as Mr. Goethe (1749-1832) and Mr. Réaumur (1683-1757) as clients.

During the twentieth century, despite two world wars, our company progressively evolved from an artisanal workshop to an industrial manufacturer, by investing in special machines, usually developed on-site.

Between the years of 1970 and 1980, as our competitors were primarily concerned with reducing production in favour of buying an increasing number of products from Asia,Alla France decided to take the opposite approach by investing regularly in production equipment.

In 1988, we chose to leave our Paris location in order to relocate to Chemillé (300 km south west of Paris – 90 minutes by high speed train).

During the last ten years, we have tripled our production surface area. We produce in a modern, custom-built factory, responding perfectly to our needs.

The manufacturing strategy in which we placed our confidence now enables us to offer affordable high-quality instruments, thus increasing exportation even to Asia (our former competitors...)

Our long-standing experience has been a continual collaboration between know-how and modernity. This experience involves assured principles, a competent staff, and regular investments in our Research and Development Department, which account for more than 7% of our turnover.

Moreover, the company and capital are still principally led by Jean-Marc Alla the Managing Director, which is not only a guarantee of independence, but also of maintaining strategic development. This coherence and stability preserve in the long term our strong industrial vocation.

In spite of the family like nature of our company, a business plan exists which has been studied and reviewed by a staff with various skills and nationalities, and whose contributions enable us to form our decisions according to diverse situations and requirements.


























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